CWA Local 9415


Notice of Election Results
The local election committee certify that the results of the tabulation of ballots cast in the May 2016 Officers Election concluded were as follows.

Candidates & Office
Mark Jensen for 2nd EVP/113 Votes Received
Kimani Harper for 2nd EVP/42 Votes Received
Bryson Young-Luna for 1st Alt CVP, AT&T (S)/16 Votes Received
Leonard Muhammad for 1st Alt CVP, AT&T (S)/91 Votes Received
Lance Uyeno for 2nd Alt CVP, AT&T (S)/Unopposed

Cydnee Price, Election Committee Chair
Ernan de Claro, Election Committee
Scott Turner, Election Committee 

 As of midnight on April 9, 2016, we’re working without a contract.

The CWA AT&T Contract expires on April 9, 2016. We hope that negotiations prove fruitful and our Bargaining Team reaches a fair and just settlement by the deadline. However, being prepared is crucial should the company force us out on strike.

CWA Local 9415 has been busy preparing for any possibilities that may result from the 2016 negotiations. We are prepared to assist everyone who supports our efforts to achieve a fair and just contract. This does not mean that we expect to go on strike - rather, it means we stand prepared to assist the efforts for workplace justice.

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Happy holidays to all of our CWA Local 9415 members and friends. We'd like to wish each of you a joyful and prosperous new year. We look forward to a year of increased membership participation and solidarity.

We hope to see more of you at our monthly Membership Meetings in the coming year.

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