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Membership Meetings will be online:

The link, time and dates will be as followed.  Attending members must sign in and is subject to verification before entering the meeting. No anonymous attendee

 CWA Local 9415 Membership Meetings 2022

@ 6:00 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month

Due to COVID-19 and until further notice, all membership meetings will be held via:

Zoom Meeting id: 878 3332 8287

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Proclamation Statement
Proclamation Statement

Important Facts about a Strike

Picket Assignments.
What you need to know about picket duty.
Picket Assignments.

Effects on your Medical Benefit's

When employees go on strike, the company’s policies regarding medical expenses can vary. It’s essential to consult your company’s specific labor agreements and benefits documentation to understand how medical expenses are handled during a strike.

Here are some general points to consider:

  1. Continuation of Benefits: In some cases, companies may continue to provide certain benefits during a strike, including health insurance. However, this is not guaranteed, and it depends on the company’s policies and the terms negotiated with the labor union.
  2. COBRA: If your company does not continue health insurance coverage during a strike, you may have the option to enroll in COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) coverage. COBRA allows you to continue your existing health insurance plan, but you’ll be responsible for paying the full premium (including the portion previously covered by the employer).
  3. Union Negotiations: Labor unions negotiate with employers on behalf of their members during strikes. The terms of the strike, including benefits and compensation, are part of these negotiations. The union representatives can provide information specific to your situation.
  4. Emergency Medical Care: Regardless of the strike, emergency medical care is typically covered. If you require urgent medical attention, seek it promptly, and worry about the details later.

Remember that each situation is unique, and it’s crucial to seek advice from your union representatives or legal counsel if you’re involved in a labor strike. They can guide you based on the specific circumstances and agreements in place.