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United We Bargain | Divided We Beg!

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #4

The bargaining team met with the company, and the HITS KEEP COMING! Apparently, the company is feeling generous and has a newfound interest in reducing our sick time post-pandemic. Because, you know, our well-being is their top priority. The company also passed a proposal to wash their hands of the burden of providing contracts to us. The Union passed a proposal in an attempt to secure more job opportunities in Appendix A through the AUTS process. It's almost as if we had to beg for the chance to work. In response to the company's flexible scheduling proposal for the call center, the union has submitted a counterproposal seeking to find a balanced solution that meets the needs of both the company and the
members. The union passed a proposal to allow our members a greater opportunity in educational funding, we are hoping that they care for our professional development as much as we do. As negotiations continue, rest assured that we're doing our best to salvage whatever semblance of
fairness and equity we can. Thank you, CWA members, for the powerful pictures we received this morning showcasing your unwavering solidarity. Your support fuels the bargaining team's determination to achieve a fair and just outcome for us all. 

Please reach out to your local to find out how you can help. 

Mike Barfield District 9 | Jason Hall Local 9423
Art Gonzalez Local 9511 | Chris Roberts Local 9509
John Miller Local 9421