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United We Bargain | Divided We Beg!

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #5

February 28, 2024

Another day of bargaining, another day of the company trying to push us backwards. The company has unequivocally expressed its desire for our contract to align with every other agreement in the nation without regard for the unique characteristics of our district, the revenue it generates, or our cost of living.
 The company passed a proposal that:
• Capped the Article 8 layoff table at 27 years for employees currently in Appendix A, which is tied to ESB (surplus).
• Augment Article 2, for the worse.
• Eliminate the ESRO MOA.
• All employees who move into Appendix A after ratification would have a maximum of 16 weeks of layoff allowance. Additionally, the company proposed:
• Eliminating the “GIIT” MOA and allowing the company at its discretion to determine who is eligible for any incentives and the thresholds. Lastly, the company has not changed its position regarding the proposal affecting pensions.
The bargaining team was very clear that we have no interest in giving back to this very profitable company. We emphasized the need to improve the standard of living for all of our members. There are 38 days left until the contract expires; please contact your local and see what you can do to help with the mobilization efforts.

Thank you for your attention and ongoing support.

Mike Barfield District 9 | Jason Hall Local 9423
Art Gonzalez Local 9511 | Chris Roberts Local 9509
John Miller Local 9421