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United We Bargain | Divided We Beg!

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #9

Over the past week, your bargaining team diligently engaged with the company on multiple occasions, presenting proposals and collaborating in sub-committees, working to enhance the well-being of our members. These efforts encompassed crucial aspects such as upgrades from E to A, healthcare expenses, monitoring procedures, scheduling, safety, and zone upgrades. We want to share where we are to date in this round of bargaining. 0-34; this number represents the number of proposals your bargaining team has passed to improve the working conditions of the membership and how many the company has agreed to date. 34 passed with zero agreed to. Regrettably, despite our proactive approach, the company has not shown any willingness to accept our proposals. The company keeps telling your team they want District 9 to be in line with the rest of the contracts in the other regions and that is their rationale on take, take, take. In the face of this, our committee remains resolute, continuing to advocate for enhancements that benefit all members. Yet, frustratingly, the company persistently demands concessions from us.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who has shown their support. As we navigate this challenging situation, it's crucial for all members to prepare themselves for the possibility of a strike. Stay connected with your CWA locals to explore avenues for active involvement and

In Unity,
Mike Barfield District 9 | Jason Hall Local 9423
Art Gonzalez Local 9511 | Chris Roberts Local 9509
John Miller Local 9421