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United We Bargain | Divided We Beg!

Directv Bargaining update week 2

February 22, 2024
As your elected Bargaining Committee, the second week of negotiations with DTV have
been continuous, effective communication with both parties submitting proposals for
Your Bargaining Committee submitted improvements on the following topics:
• Duration of the Contract
• Recognition
• Force Allocation
• Work Schedules
• Mutual Respect / Companyl`
Union Relations
• Scheduling
• Payroll Deductions
The goal is to achieve contractual language that improves the lives of the Membership –
on or before the expiration date, April 6, 2024
We will continue to fight to win concessions from the Company.
Stay Engaged – Get Involved – Mobilize, Mobilize!
In Unity,
District 9 DTV Bargaining Team
Derek Walker, Staff Representative
Kenyon Johnson, CWA Local 9003
Frank Mendoza, CWA Local 9416
Maxie Lemoine, CWA Local 9421