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United We Bargain | Divided We Beg!

DTV Bargaining Update 2

Your elected CWA Bargaining Committee submitted a couple of proposals to DIRECTV’s committee. Proposals:

❖ Union/Company relations
❖ Overtime

o We addressed DIRECTV’s EXCESSIVE need to call required overtime.
o DIRECTV’s response was the current caps should remain as is.
o At this moment, we are at no agreement with regards to overtime caps.

We submitted a Request for Information (RFI) on DIRECTV’s Workday/AUTS. We formally verbalized that all 2020 applicable contractual MOAs should
transition into the new 2024 DIRECTV contract – keep in mind, some MOAs may require amendments (e.g., Overtime MOA). We began discussions regarding changing the Premises Technician title to something suitable for the job description/duties.

Stay Engaged – Get Involved – Mobilize, Mobilize!

In Unity,
District 9 DTV Bargaining Team
Derek Walker, Staff Representative
Kenyon Johnson, CWA Local 9003
Frank Mendoza, CWA Local 9416
Maxie Lemoine, CWA Local 9421