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United We Bargain | Divided We Beg!

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #6

Over the past few days, our bargaining team has submitted proposals aimed at enhancing Article 5 and in addition has responded to the company's retrogressive proposal to reduce paid sick time in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Additionally, we have engaged in productive subcommittee meetings with the company to explore potential enhancements to the monitoring processes and educational funding. It's worth noting, the company has only put forth proposals that are retrogressive, with their most recent focus being on Appendix E. The bargaining team promptly rejected this proposal, emphasizing our commitment to moving forward and not regressing. As of now, we have not received any response from the company regarding the proposals presented by your bargaining team. We have become uncertain about the possibility of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement by expiration. 

Thank you to all the members participating in your local’s mobilization efforts; the bargaining team
appreciates the willingness to fight for a fair and just contract.

In Unity,
Mike Barfield District 9 | Jason Hall Local 9423
Art Gonzalez Local 9511 | Chris Roberts Local 9509
John Miller Local 9421